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Rapid Cash Tactics launched on January 18th 2011 and is an internet marketing tool for beginners. It was conceived by Ashley rapid cash is best way to finance Gough who herself is a successful British internet marketer. The idea behind it is that she gives you the tools necessary for starting to make money online.

The course includes quick start modules with detailed check lists, 7 audio files, special blueprint diagrams and 30 videos on how to dominate a niche market. The price of the course is $37 although if you try to click away from the sales page you the get the normal $10 off the retail price, so it now becomes $27.

With all digital products it is easy to see whether the course is a scam or not simply by taking a look at the refund rate, if they offer a full “no quibble” 60 day money back guarantee. In this case the refund rate is only 1.91 percent making this a seemingly good buy and therefore a legitimate program. When you purchase Rapid Cash Tactics there are also a number of upsells that you can buy that are said to be more advanced methods. There is also an affiliate program running alongside the course. So there is a chance to promote it also.

On the whole, you do get a lot for your money and there is a lot of information to take in especially if you are new to the world of internet marketing. However, Rapid Cash Tactics does cover the real basics such as what is a long tail keyword, how to find a keyword and how to promote a product.

If you are a little more advanced than this, then you may feel that it doesn’t teach you anything you don’t already know. At the end of the day $27 is not a lot to pay for something that just might give you a kick start in your I.M career. However like anything, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and know how, to make the serious sums of life changing money that Ashley Gough is talking about.





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