Omnichannel Customer Care Software for Telecom

Our Q-Flow stage offers programming for telecom that makes a consistent association between the essential contact habitats and the conveyed organization of stores and administration areas.

The Q-Flow stage empowers reliable client experience as the business reacts to client needs and demands that are approaching over different channels: physical (individuals showing up in stores), and a wide range of advanced associations and interchanges.


With Q-Flow, a solitary interface underpins booking of store arrangements, video calls, and call-backs from the call place; a solitary business rationale omnichannel software motor drives client driven cycles that length messages, talk, structure filling, and eye to eye discussion.

Advantages of Our Omnichannel Solution for Telecom:

Improve client care by giving your staff the 360-degree image of your clients, including every one of their solicitations, correspondences, visits, and arrangements.

Diminish IT costs by having a solitary framework handle numerous advanced directs just as in-branch client stream the executives.

Furnish the executives with cross-channel investigation of client conduct, specialist execution, and different details.

Exceptional Advantages of Our Omnichannel Experience in Telecom:

The main programming stage dealing with both advanced and actual client stream and correspondences.

Supporting both retail and client care measures.

A solitary arrangement that handles both operational parts of client care (directing, lining, booking and so on) and experiential viewpoints (client commitment, nature of administration, consumer loyalty, etc).

Primary Features and Software Modules Included:

Our arrangement planning programming, empowering clients and staff to book arrangements for both up close and personal gatherings just as video or calls.

Our client stream the board programming, empowering lining and steering of store guests, video and telephone guests, and approaching multi-station messages.

Our online structures framework, empowering fast and simple production of either open or individual (focusing on explicit clients) structures, to gather data or solicitation client criticism.


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