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Was Jesus trustworthy? Only ask the 2.2 billion people now who think he’s God… To be frank, I do not understand that ANYONE is much more dependable than this

Jesus is famed for his design of leading by example. In this example, we find him pointing out this to his followers when he states”I have set you an example [emphasis added] you ought to do as I’ve done for you.”

Jesus’ leadership style was of quality above quantity. While he’d frequently go out and listened to big audiences, he spent the vast majority of his three year ministry using only 12 guys. This was the final time Jesus will have the ability to collect his men together and teach them a lesson in this private circumstance.

During these times a lot of people went barefoot, and a couple of fortunate ones wore sandals. Simply place: individuals had horrible feet. As an ultimate indication of love, humility, and servanthood, Jesus went to every disciple and hand-washed his toes. This had a ton more symbolic significance than I could describe, but what we see on the surface is that the obvious leader of this team has done the specific opposite of what many might anticipate: instead of controlling his followers to serve him, he rather humbled himself and served them, and instructed them to do the exact same for others.

I really could think of innumerable ways this quotation applies to me personally. At present, I’m privileged to be the chief of a bunch of 5 most lovely young interns. This quote reminds me that although I’m the leader of this group, I must behave as Jesus did. To be able to pull from them their best, I need to throw myself and serve them each opportunity I get.

Among the most impactful lessons I ever heard came by means of a few of my teachers. He constantly says,”Leadership isn’t about being served by other people. Direction is the liberty to serve them” In all my leadership concessions and duties, I must try to lead like Jesus did: with love and humility.


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